WHY Sannovia?

As a partner we come into play, if bottleneck situations arise within your company - be it through a vacancy or for the management of a project, which requires special know-how.


This offers advantages in various aspects:

  • Speed: We are usually able to make decisions within a few days of starting the project.
  • Know-HowThe diverse projects that we have supported so far, protect us against "operational blindfoldness" from which you benefit. In addition, we hand over the experience, gained in various structures directly into our work.

  • Goal orientation: Every project is carried out in a goal- and result-oriented manner, as it is not only important for us personally, but also serves as a reference for further activities.
  • Knowledge transfer: As experts in the healthcare sector with a high level of management expertise, we can facilitate a swift transfer of knowledge and incorporate this knowledge wililingly into your company. 
  • Objectivity: Through our distinct perspective and role, we can judge situations and projects more impartially. We are unencumbered implementers of measures and decisions
  • Trust: We always see ourselves as part of the client´s team and never as a consultant. This creates the necessary trusted bond and friendships.
  • Variable Costs (OpEx): Our assignment is limited in time. The fee is exclusively based on the quality and scope of the service rendered; therefore, it will be booked accordingly internally and remains fully transparent.

The flexibility of your business benefits from all of the above, foremost in special situations, without the hassle and obligations of additional headcounts.


Contact us, how we can support you best!

Areas of Business

  • Management ad-interim
  • BU management with/ without line responsibility
  • (International) Product Management
  • Medical management
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Business development
  • Sales management/ training

EMERGEncy Management

Commercial operations

Medical Consulting

The boundaries are fluent and meant to be cross-functional, the areas are broken down only for better representation.

OUR Approach

In the strictly regulated pharmaceutical and health care industry, it is important to know exactly the playing field and the rules.

This is the only way to recognize the possibility to go new unconventional ways and to do things differently than others in order to develop a long-term advantage.


After the first description of the project or decision to cooperate, the situation is analyzed and we get familiar with the conditions (team structure, indication, product status and competitor). Through our lens we are able to objectively point out things that may not be directly addressed internally.


This enables us to accelerate decision-making processes and implement measures more effectively.


In general the analysis phase does not last more than the first week of the project, thus the expectation of external support is the immediate implementation of the project without much picking up time.


We work 100% in the interest of the company, so ideally there is no perceived distinction between external partner and internal employee.


This strengthens trust on both sides and demonstrably leads to better results for the overall project.


During the project, the progress of the project will be checked time and again based on the KPI's.


In doing so both hard and soft factors are looked at. Depending on the task, this is discussed both across the matrix and in the reporting line upwards and downwards.