(UN)Expected Events

The search for external support is often triggered by an (unexpected) event in the company.


This can be a planned product launch, where the workload turns out higher than expected and needs to be temporarily covered or a vacancy due to an employee who would like to develop.


A significant increase in workload linked to the AMNOG procedure (e.g., temporary "out of distribution" or marketing discontinuation a drug) can add significant cross-functional overhead when considering external communications through field force, production and logistics.


Many of theses events are very difficult to anticipate in advance, so that when the search begins, someone would have actually been needed already "yesterday".

We see ourselves as an "entrepreneurial emergency kit" which is placed when shortages occur that need to be resolved quickly and accurately.

The expectation for us, is to start immediately with the implementation without spending much time for training.


Meanwhile, you have the time to decide whether the resource should be filled permanently and you can initiate the internal processes accordingly.